How Do I Recover Damages for Parkinson’s Diagnosis After Paraquat Exposure

June 21, 2022 General

If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after being exposure to paraquat, a toxic chemical used in commercial herbicides, you may be able to seek compensation from the manufacturer.

Paraquat has a long history of producing severe side effects when ingested or inhaled. Over the past few years, numerous studies have also linked chronic paraquat exposure to the eventual development of Parkinson’s disease.

Read on to learn more about paraquat exposure and how to recover damages from your paraquat-linked Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Paraquat Dichloride

Paraquat dichloride is a toxic chemical that kills weeds and controls grass growth, making it an effective herbicide. This chemical is available primarily as a liquid in the U.S. However, ingesting or inhaling this toxic herbicide can cause a range of adverse side effects, including death.

Paraquat is banned in 32 countries. However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency permits trained, certified applicators to use this chemical.

Commercial farmers often use paraquat to control weeds in their fields. While using paraquat near homes, schools, playgrounds, recreational parks, or golf courses is prohibited, this chemical often drifts from commercial farms to residential areas, where residents to inhale it.

Additionally, even trained, certified applicators can accidentally inhale or ingest paraquat. Ingesting even a small amount of this chemical can be fatal.  Inhaling it can also cause serious health problems, including developing Parkinson’s disease.

Paraquat and Parkinson’s Disease

Studies have begun linking long-term exposure to paraquat to Parkinson’s disease.

One study from the American Journal of Epidemiology discovered that those who live within 500 meters of a commercial farm that uses paraquat have a 75% higher chance of developing Parkinson’s disease. This discovery suggests that living near a commercial farm is enough to experience dangerous paraquat exposure.

Meanwhile, a study from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences found that commercial agricultural workers exposed to paraquat or rotenone had 2.5 times the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

These studies are just two of the many linking paraquat to Parkinson’s disease. This data points out that even safe usage of or indirect exposure to paraquat can lead to deadly consequences.

Why Seek Compensation?

If you’ve received a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis that you believe may be linked to paraquat exposure, seeking compensation from the manufacturer or at-fault party can be beneficial. Here are a few reasons to seek damages:

Cover Medical Treatments

Your paraquat exposure and subsequent Parkinson’s diagnosis weren’t your fault. As a result, you shouldn’t be responsible for the substantial medical expenses that come with this diagnosis.

Seeking compensation from the paraquat manufacturer can allow you to receive money to pay your medical bills and cover future treatments. This compensation may make the difference between not being able to afford treatments and gaining access to life-saving medications and therapies.

Hold Manufacturers Accountable

Paraquat manufacturers know that paraquat is highly toxic and can cause Parkinson’s disease. However, they refuse to take these risks seriously and continue selling the product, often concealing risks from consumers.

However, seeking compensation holds the paraquat manufacturers accountable for distributing such a toxic, deadly herbicide without adequate warnings.

Spread Awareness About Paraquat Dangers

Seeking compensation from the paraquat manufacturer can also help spread awareness about the dangers of ingesting or inhaling paraquat. Your friends, family members, and neighbors can learn about the risks of this chemical through your case, helping to protect them from injuries and Parkinson’s diagnoses.

How to Recover Damages from Paraquat Exposure

If you’d like to seek compensation for your Parkinson’s diagnosis resulting from paraquat exposure, you’ll need to provide evidence that:

  • You experienced paraquat exposure
  • You developed Parkinson’s disease
  • Your paraquat exposure caused your Parkinson’s disease

Working with a qualified attorney can help you gather the necessary evidence to support your case.

Because this issue is ongoing and has numerous victims, law firms across the country have begun initiating mass torts to claim damages. These cases claim that paraquat manufacturers failed to warn consumers of the potential dangers of paraquat. In some cases, these lawsuits blame commercial farms for failing to create safe environments for neighboring residents.

Joining a mass tort may be an easy yet effective way to claim compensation for your Parkinson’s diagnosis. At Mass Tort Resource, we can provide the information and assistance you need to join a mass tort lawsuit. We also educate lawyers on the Paraquat mass tort if they do not typically handle those types of cases or are interested in finding a referral partner to handle them.

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